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Denise paz

certified makeup artist

I believe God has given me an artistic gift and i feel blessed to have a career in makeup to be able to share, inspire and make people happy. While slowly discovering it through those "career quizzes and personality tests when i was young, i have always loved ART in general. Remembering my younger years when i used to always look forward to Fridays for the Art clubs and classes i joined. Artistry and Fashion Design were one of the things i enjoyed the most. (sharing you some of my sketches)

It was through Art along with my love for sports that i was able to express and fully be myself. Being an introvert, those were the things that i sought comfort and happiness in.They were outlets for my creativity. Coming to Canada 2007 drew in a lot of opportunities for me especially through education and work. I decided to take up Makeup Artistry and Airbrushing courses in 2010 to further increase my knowledge, along with finishing my studies in business school and managing 2 jobs as a Visual Merchandiser/Key stylist.

I specialize in Bridal makeup and makeup for special events, which i love the most because it brings so much pleasure to be part of someone's important day. Although i am a huge believer in discovering the beauty of one's self, i love experimenting on the outer beauty as well! Without doubt, the physical transformation could just be a little highlight and contouring or brightening up of eyes and cheeks. It is all about enhancing that BEAUTY of each client. It is such an amazing feeling to be able to boost someone's confidence and make them feel as beautiful as everyone perceives them to be.  "Makeup is a supplement, not a requirement".

For products, i primarily use MAC, Urban Decay, Tarte and Makeup Forever. I make sure that everything i use for my clients has been carefully selected through research.  My brushes are deep cleaned with an antibacterial cleanser after each gig. It is a must for me to be sanitary and safe to prevent cross contamination and bacteria. I use disposable wands, spatulas and sponges to transfer products from its original container.




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